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Red Wing Shoes and Work Boots in Whitehorse

At Territorial Auto Parts, we sell Red Wing CSA approved work boots in Whitehorse, along with a small selection of shoes. Visit the Red Wing website to learn more, and then stop by Territorial Auto Parts to see our selection of shoes, steel-toed boots, socks, and accessories.

If you work in mining, trades, carpentry, automotive, heavy duty mechanical, or any other demanding industry, you know the rigors of these jobs require footwear that is tough enough to handle harsh working conditions and protect your feet from injury. However, you also need your footwear to remain comfortable to wear all day. That’s where Red Wing Shoes comes in. Red Wing products are designed for the working man or woman. Red Wing work boots provide stability, comfort, and durability that you can rely on.


Red Wing products are known for their high quality and are backed by a great warranty. View Red Wing’s warranty info on their website.

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